Why This Year Will be Our Best.. & 3 things We've Learned!! Happy New Year from Courtney & Michael!!

We had an amazing year! It was a full one… Non-stop with all 30 Weddings and a whole bunch of Engagement sessions! It was thrilling to welcome our 20th bride into our 2019 season before 2018’s end!! We are grateful and excited for where God has taken Blush Wood and where it’s going in this New year!

So what did 2018 look like for us….

It was a year of growth, learning, blogging, social media networking and countless hours strengthening Blush Wood. Our Weddings were published more than 5 times this year by local and national publications!

We have traveled miles and miles… spending time on the road, dreaming out loud and praying for our future!! We have mastered road trips and have explored from Boston to South Carolina.  We saw so much natural beauty, tasted all kinds of culinary goodness, laughed a lot and did some crying too! 2018 was the year of “New Beginnings” for us! It was our 3rd year of marriage! The 3rd year and final year in our cozy little place in Norfolk (that we moved out of at the end of the summer!) & Our first full year experiencing and enjoying complete Financial Freedom (100% debt free since the fall of 2017!)  There are so many highlights of this past year, from going Full Time, securing our Trademark, shooting our first Wedding in New York and taking on Wedding films it seemed like for every month there was another surprise, new challenges and more blessings. God has been faithful to us over and over again!!

3 Major Things we’ve learned (or Relearned) this past year: 

  • You Gotta Take Care of Yourself!!!
The temptation and the opportunity to pull insane hours and work ourselves raggity in pursuit of our long term goals is ALIVE and Real!!! Owning a growing business is both the hardest and one of the most rewarding things either one of us has ever done.
We have had to remind ourselves over and over again that while managing it all well is important,  maintaining a healthy balance in our personal life and taking time to REST is even MORE important!  This year we want to do that better.
Hustling hard is gratifying but after all is said and done working from a place of rest yields the best versions of ourselves and our work!
  •  Show Love even when you don’t get it back and Focus and Serve the People who Show Up!
This is a Relearn! 🙂 …  and it has helped to make Social Media a little bit more fun for both of us!  Focusing on the people who show up and continue to encourage and support has done a lot and as we’ve shared and especially as we’ve supported others …. we’ve grown!! Michael primarily does all of the networking on our Social Media accounts and I check in from time to time!!  I’m our Blog girl and Michael is our social media guy!  I personally have a slight love hate relationship with social media but love it or hate it, it’s here to stay and we’re tag-teaming it hard in 2019!
  • Live life without fear & Create with JOY!!!!
This is one we come back to often! On our desk for months has sat two notes. One says “Create with Joy“! and the other reads, “Anxiety bows in the presence of Jesus the Keeper of Peace!” They’ll probably continue to be in our work space forever!
It seems like it would go without saying right?! But as we remind ourselves of simple truths and have focused on the things in front of us for each day we have seen the difference. Eliminating the “What if’s?” and replacing them with faith has made us more confident and more determined. Joy and faith is where this start of the New Year lies for us!!
We are believing 2019 will be adventurous, successful, full of amazing couples and pretty Weddings!! It will be fruitful and fun. It will be peaceful and prosperous and it will be the Best Year we’ve ever had!!

Thanks so much to our clients, friends and family for the continued support! Happy New Year!!!

Love, Courtney & Michael







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