Courtney Manion n Courtney is the lead photographer at Blush Wood,
joyfully creating & keeping us dreaming!
Admittedly, she tears up at most Weddings &
does a "Happy dance" after every Engagement!

An avid traveler & former field based Photographer
in South Asia & the Gulf, Courtney honed her skills with
all of the "National Geographic" type
experiences of her dreams!

Curating beautiful & joyful Wedding collections
for our clients has been another one of
Courtney's dreams come true!

"When our bride's vision for her day comes to life and our couples see their Wedding album for the first time and are thrilled, that is truly the best.. My heart gets so full! I want our brides to absolutely LOVE their Wedding photos!" - Courtney 

Interior Design
Editing Film
Road Trips
Our Boxer, Sampson
Michael (I'm smitten!!)

"She's an artist who loves her work, blush pink & making brides happy!"

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