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You’re engaged, you’ve got your ring bling and your Wedding plans are starting to roll!!! You made your move on your favorite Wedding venue and secured the date you really wanted!! Congratulations, that’s Huge!

Chances are you choose your Wedding venue for the following reasons (to name a few):

  • The way you want your Wedding to look
  • Your overall Wedding style (rustic, luxurious, classic, etc.)
  • The way you want your day to feel 
  • The unique features of your Venue

Your final Collection of images should show that off! Having a Photography team that places the uniqueness of your venue, the beauty in your details and portraits as a priority in your coverage is extremely valuable.

Whenever Michael and I are on a site visit or arriving for the first time to shoot we’re like treasure hunters searching for jewels! Where is the shade? Where is the natural beauty? Where is the indoor beauty? What are the unique features of the space that make it special and give it character? Exposed brick, ivy walls, …rustic charm??  This is our photography & film mindset for each and every Wedding. From the southern backyard ceremony to the fanciest downtown hotel reception and everything in between, we want your Wedding coverage to be thorough, timeless and excellent. 

To make the very most of your Venue there are a few things you can do as you begin to plan:

Consult the Venue manager

Venue managers will be the most familiar with the big picture and will not only know the best spots but where the hidden ones are too! It’s amazing what opens up to us when we Ask!!   Because like we always tell our couples, you can go to any venue and discover more places on site or around it that you never knew were there!! 

Arrange Site Visits

Venue managers really want you to utilize the space and your time at their venue. They also want to have the most beautiful images of their space indoors and out. Visit your venue with the sun in mind.  Remember that a venue will look completely different by season and from day to night.  This is especially important to keep in mind if you’ve chosen your venue for windows and for natural light!!

Find the Charm

If the room where you decide to get dressed isn’t so ideal, think about another beautiful indoor room for your formal Getting Ready Portraits. You’ll be amazed at how big of a difference this makes! Eliminate the clutter of garment bags and suitcases and stuff strew around during a morning of hair, makeup and mimosas. For the prettiest Getting Ready coverage, choose rooms with lots of natural light. There are wonderful venues with masculine touches. Even if actual locker rooms are where your guys get dressed, think outside the box for his official getting ready portraits. Let’s not confine our husband to be to a dark closet or the church nursery for all of his pre-Wedding moments!

Allow Time

We can’t emphasize this enough! Some venues are huge.. and what is normally not so huge with tennis shoes and yoga pants becomes a whole other level of huge when you’re wearing Jimmy Choos and a Wedding gown! We have a couple of Wedding day timeline hacks that we’ve developed to help our brides cover all of their most desired spots… and they work!! Wherever you are planning the Wedding of your dreams, let us help you maximize your coverage by showing off the best parts of your venue with the best light in mind!

Making the most of your Venue during your Wedding experience can be a lot of fun. From where you decide to get ready, to where we stage your family portraits is all part of crafting gorgeous Wedding coverage and the Wedding album of your dreams.

Love, Courtney & Michael

Covering Weddings across Virginia, Upstate & Central New York 

 @blushwoodstudios & @themanions

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