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I dreamed more about getting engaged than I did about my actual wedding one day. Maybe because there’s suspense and surprise to it! What would it be like? How would it happen!? and WHEN ??

I thought I’d be able to tell when it was going to happen. I assumed Michael would start acting strange or plan something out of the ordinary that would give it away.

I have a vivid imagination and I was born with a little bit of a dramatic side. My imagination could have put me in a number of varying scenarios. A Hot air balloon, horse back, a landing strip after an epic skydive.. you know, something extreme.

One thing I certainly never imagined was falling in love as quickly as I did. We weren’t high school sweethearts or college buddies. We met by divine intervention and amazing grace. … And It happened SO fast!

Renaissance Court -5For a few weeks I’d come home from hanging out with Michael and my parents upon hearing me enter the front door would hasten down the stairs with a look of anticipation that read, “Has he asked you yet!??”  

The day was Normal. We had taken the dogs to the river for a swim. I sat on the wooden boat ramp with Pepper and watched as Michael jumped in a few times with Sampson. We hung out at my parents house and then Michael went home to meet up with me later.

When he came back to get me, we grabbed food and a cheap bottle of wine and went to one of our favorite places for a picnic…

Renaissance Court_

                                                                           The Renaissance Court in the Botanical Gardens

Every time we go, it feels like we’re the only ones there. That might be why we enjoy it so much.

Once we laid out our blanket, Michael was pretty persistent that we should have someone take our picture. Then, lo and behold, none other than David Schwartz walks through the Renaissance Court with a girl in full Wedding Gown attire for a bridal portrait session!! haha.  He just happens to be among the best photographers in the area…

So Michael, being the persistent man that he is, ran right up to David, dragging me along behind him asking David if he could snap a couple of pictures of us. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed. Here we come …barging into the middle of this man’s Bridal Session and golden light asking him to take our picture.

He agreed…

Busy complimenting the bride on her beautiful dress I hadn’t noticed until I turned around that Michael had dropped down on one knee.


The bride’s Mom immediately starts hollering, David (holding Michael’s camera) starts laughing completely thrilled, I start laughing, crying and shaking and the bride in her Wedding Gown starts cheering!

Exactly one year has passed since that warm summer day (June 16, 2015).. The day Michael told me he loved me for the very first time and that he wanted to spend the rest of his life loving me.

Renaissance Court Cheek kiss

A Kiss on the cheek. We saved our first kiss for our Wedding day…  looking back on it, I don’t know how!

I probably stared at Michael for a few seconds in shock… only to hear the bride’s Mom say.. “Well, put it on her!! Put it on her!!


Having a photo of our actual engagement was special. Maybe it’s just a little coincidence a Wedding Photographer was there… but I don’t believe in coincidences. It was just meant to be. Just like we were meant to be.

Renaissance Court -2

Michael makes me better. He leads me and he literally pushes me towards my dreams.  Blush Wood is a big part of that. He serves selflessly and loves me passionately. I can’t imagine adventuring through life and business with anyone else. I’d Say “YES and YES” all over again! 

Renaissance Court -3


My “happy dances” can sometimes look like karate moves.

Renaissance Court Ring

A very Special thanks to David Swartz who captured Michael’s proposal and to Heidi Calma Photography  for the beautiful image of my ring in the header! 

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