For Michael On His Birthday…. Virginia Wedding Photographers

My Beloved,

Today is Your day. It’s your Birthday.

Last night you convinced me to go hiking with you before midnight while you took long exposures of a clear winter’s night. After some protest, I agreed.  You ran outside to check the stars, came back in, cut a smile and sprawled out on the floor. You told me you wanted to spend the first few minutes of your Birthday (after midnight) gazing into my eyes instead… AND also because the sky was no longer clear but hazy and all of 10 degrees!! hahaha  This is just one minuscule reason i love you. You’re kinda crazy! lol

Michael, Thank you for being the best friend and the greatest gift second to Jesus I’ll ever have. Thanks for being you…  I’m so so glad it’s You.
God has a way of doing what seems absolutely impossible doesn’t He!?  Of all the places we both could have been the day we met. At the time we were literally living worlds apart with Zero mutual friends. And there you were. You saw me.  I had no idea how much my life was about to change. I had no idea my prayers had been answered and no idea in that moment that the preppy, handsome, Italian guy with a beard who walked into the room would be mine!!
I remember the day I really knew that God had brought us together …. and it was the best day.
For the adventures across the world we’ve taken in these short 3 years of time…..
For the God-sized dreams we’ve dreamed up together and the goals we’ve accomplished ….
My heart is full of gratitude.
I have known an abundance of God’s blessings.
When we’re sharing the bathroom sink or stepping over each other in our tiny closet ….
When I can hear you downstairs singing praise songs while making coffee …
All the times we cooked Indian and Thai Curries in our kitchen in Norfolk while playing Blue Grass ….
The afternoons we’ve spent sitting by the river, especially on Sundays after church to talk and watch Sampson swim…
For all the hikes and treks I get to take with you in the middle of no where…
I have cherished every day I get to spend with you.
I remember when you used to wake me up at 4:30 in the morning just to say goodbye before you left for work… (because even though you would have much rather be living out your dreams, you hustled a Full time/overtime job and still shot 25 + Weddings and Engagements with me! I thank God often for your work ethic and the way you serve our clients. I thank Him for the things you do that no one will ever know. I thank God that we now get to hustle Full time together and that saying goodbye doesn’t happen so much anymore.
For the ways you remind me of God’s best and point me towards Christ…
For the absolutely hilarious and romantic things you say to get a reaction….
For your cuddles, kisses, silliness and boldness….
For all the times you embarrass me by slow dancing with me in the grocery store…
For the faith and integrity you exhibit and model daily….
Michael, your joy, which is always contagious even on the grimiest of days, becomes my joy. Your laughter… my laughter.
Life with you us just so much fun!
There is never a moment my heart isn’t full of Love and there is Never a day that I am not absolutely and completely aware of how big a miracle finding true love and compatibility in this great big crazy world really is. God sure has a way of giving us way more than what we asked.. doesn’t He!?! I love you SO MUCH!
I’m blessed to live life with you and to be loved by you. I can’t wait to see all of the adventurous plans God has for you.
I can’t wait to grow a family with you and to see you add one more title to all the roles you play so well!
You’ll be great at it. Because whatever you set your mind to, you blow me away.
May this year be full of unexpected Blessings and crazy, unmerited favor and grace. May your creativity shine and as you continue to live out your life, following hard after God, may He grant you every desire of your heart.  No doubt He’ll continue to show you great and wonderful things this year and in the years to come!!
I love you and I’ll love you forever. Happy Birthday!!!!
Your Loving Wifey,
(Now off to the Ski Slopes we go!! )
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