10 Effective Ways We Reduce Stress While Managing a Business Virginia & Upstate New York Wedding Photographers/ Filmmakers

Being a full time entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding parts of our life. Having complete control over our schedule, being able to work from just about anywhere, flexibility and the added bonus of working together as a husband and wife team is all a dream come true. There are so many wonderful advantages. We thrive off of the hustle and excitement of owning our own businesses!!! It’s just in our veins! While the lifestyle of being self employed can be flexible and freeing, the reality is it can also at times be very stressful.
What most successful small business owners will tell you is that “you will have never worked harder in your entire life”! We have found this to be true. Building a business and nurturing it to be solid, organized and profitable takes relentless hard work, wisdom, guts and knowing how to handle the inevitable and daily threat of STRESS!!
Stress and anxiety can deplete your ability to concentrate, zap your energy and kill motivation. Highly Driven people can literally drive themselves crazy and that’s no joke! What benefit is it to have a successful business but living a stressed and miserable day to day life?? Yeah, No thanks! We haven’t conquered them all, but we’ve identified 10 ways we’re committing ourselves to staying healthy and whole while pursuing our Entrepreneur dreams.
In addition to a committed daily Prayer life, these are the ways we’re working to Reduce Stress & Anxiety:

1. Exercise

Did you know that even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects in the brain?
Maybe you’re a gym goer or you prefer hitting the street for a run, or even dancing around the living room (like Courtney does), whatever exercise looks like for you, producing those endorphins (chemicals in the brain that act as painkillers) will reduce stress! It feels really good to exercise.

2.  Getting Enough Sleep

We’ll be first to admit that we’re NIGHT owls! We get all kinds of ideas at night and overall we still like to wake up and get our day started early which results in overall less sleep!
Making Rest a priority and getting REM sleep is going to keep us at our best.

3. Setting Weekly Goals

Setting goals and then mapping out a plan to conquer them not only will reduce your stress it will add to your motivation and overall Job satisfaction. No matter what we do for a living, we’ve all been there, when the work piles up and the things that we have to do outweighs the things we’ve done.
Squashing procrastination and writing out goals for each week will always produce the best results! You know what feels really good?… Crushing your goals!!

4. Boundaries for Business

Setting clear boundaries as a business owner means setting work hours and breaks …. and sticking to them!
This is one that’s hard for a lot of people. At any hour of the day, emails arrive in the inbox and the phone rings. Yes,there are days that require more hustle but overall respecting your own boundaries and being able to say “No!” will serve you and your family well.

5. A Clean & Comfortable Work Environment

Mess is distracting. Having a clean space is proven to make you more efficient, helps to keep you on task, maintains organization and clarity of thought. Also, cleaning in itself can be therapeutic. We like to keep a calm mood, our favorite music playing and our favorite candles, oils or incense burning. Creating a calm and comforting environment where we work helps us to be more productive throughout a work day.

6. Fresh Air

Get Outside!!  When we’re not working 9 times out of 10 we’re outside. The Beauty of your surroundings, peace, quiet, grass, trees, open fields, or the woods does wonders in reducing stress and clearing the mind. You don’t have to exercise when you go but just get out there!

7. Eating Well

What we put in our body is either helping us or directly working against us. Spikes in blood sugar which then cause it to crash only increases stress and anxiety.
If your battling a stressful day, drinking more coffee, wine or sweets may not be the best idea.
When we’re stressed our body produces hormones that enhance our appetites and cravings for unhealthy foods. Let’s keep it real though… We all have a cheat day and that’s okay!!
 Viewing food as fuel is a game changer. Find the healthiest and tastiest fuel you can to put in your body!… Leafy greens, Vitamin C rich foods, heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids, like salmon, tuna, complex carbs like quinoa, brown rice, sweet potatoes and whole grains. Healthy eating has endless advantages for mood, confidence and overall health.

8. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

We all know of someone doing something we’re doing and who appears to be doing it better!
That’s life. Comparing yourself to other people and other businesses is the most self sabotaging thing you can do. Run your own race and have fun reaching your own goals.
Comparison robs you of joy, causes depression and adds to unnecessary stress.
Finding mentors and people you admire for their work ethic, integrity and talent will inspire you and keep you focused on your own growth. Flip the script!! There is no one in the world who has what you have to offer. Know your unique value, stay positive and keep it moving!

9. Stay Organized

There’s so much involved in running a business. Taxes, invoices, scheduling, expenses.. etc. Staying on top of your book keeping is going to make your life a lot easier, quarterly and at the end of the year!

10. Reward yourself for Hard Work!

A vacation. A cupcake. A get away. 🙂 Whatever feels like a real reward, when you reach a goal make sure you take time to celebrate it!
2019 is a great year to start living a more abundant life!
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